Anne Moran Counselling & Psychotherapy


I offer counselling and psychotherapy to adults who are experiencing difficulties in their lives such as anxiety or depression , or in their relationships. My aim is to help my clients to gain insight and understanding into their symptoms and to find ways to resolve their concerns .

Thoughts, feelings and experiences of relevance are explored leading to new insights and understanding. This exploration takes place in a comfortable and confidential setting.


In a private setting, weekly scheduled meetings take place at the same time and on the same day every week. The meetings last one hour. In the event of a cancellation 48 hours notice is required. You will be liable for the fee if this notice is not given. Confidentiality is assured, the exception being where there is a concern that the client could cause harm to himself/herself or another. Therapy can be short or long term depending on the nature of your concern. If sexual abuse is disclosed to me I am legally bound to report such abuse to the HSE or the Gardai. This will be done with your knowledge.

I meet with adolescents on a fortnightly basis. The meetings last between 50 minutes and one hour and take place in a welcoming and relaxed environment.