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I’ve never talked to anyone. I’m used to handling things on my own.

People who ask for help know when they need it and have the courage to reach out. Everyone needs help now and then. In our work together, we’ll explore the problem(s) you are facing and find solutions by expanding on your strengths, skills, and capabilities.

What’s the difference between talking to you or my best friend or family?

A mental health professional can help you approach your situation in a new way – teach you new skills, gain different perspectives, listen to you without judgment or expectations, and help you listen to yourself. Furthermore, counselling is completely confidential.

In a supportive environment your therapist can help you to make meaning of what is causing you distress , gain different perspectives and skills in order to help you move forward in life.

Why shouldn’t I just take medication?

Medication can be effective but it alone cannot solve all issues. Sometimes medication is needed, sometimes counselling is needed, and sometimes medication is needed in conjunction with counselling.

How long will it take?

Unfortunately, this is not possible to say in a general questions page. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them. The length of time counselling takes depends on your desire for personal development, your commitment, and the factors that are driving you to seek counselling in the first place.

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